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Jill Worrall is an international tour operator and manager; a New Zealander who lives in Timaru in NZ’s South Island.

Since 2003 she has led more than 50 groups – close on 1000 people – over this time, to destinations all around the world. Jill’s travels have taken her from Patagonia in South America, Guatemala in Central America, Cuba in the Caribbean, across to India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, the five “Stans” of Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Iran, north, south and eastern Africa, and all across Europe from Ireland to Russia, Norway to Albania.

Her tours always attract a high proportion of return travellers – some people have explored the world with Jill more than 10 times!

Jill is also one of New Zealand’s most successful travel writers. She has been named New Zealand Travel Writer of the Year; has twice won the award for best newspaper travel article and has won two Qantas Media Awards (NZ most prestigious print media awards) for feature writer. She has won a wealth of other awards and her first travel book, A Blonde in the Bazaar, was runner-up best travel book published in New Zealand in 2005.

She currently (in her “spare time!”) writes features once a month for six NZ provincial daily newspapers (these also appear on www.stuff.co.nz), features just about every edition in the travel section of Latitude magazine (www.latitudemagazine.co.nz), and is  a regular contributor to two online travel blogs: www.flightcentre.co.nz/nz-travel-blog/   and to www.flightnetwork.com/blog/, Canada’s largest online travel agency.

Her tours, operated as Jill Worrall Tours are operated in conjunction with her colleague and friend, Timaru-based travel broker Lee Johns.

Jill is married and has two adult children (her daughter is a high school teacher and her son is a paramedic). She has a rather eclectic array of interests, from gardening and botany to steam trains; mosaic projects to off-beat museums. She has a special interest in the development projects operated by Save the Children New Zealand and the Aga Khan Development Network and still has plenty of the world she wants to see. She also would like to drive really big trucks.

To find out more about Jill’s latest tours and to read feedback from some of her many very happy clients, click here.

About Jono Meadowcroft

Jono is extremely well qualified to lead a tour for me. He will be maintaining all the high standards I set myself for looking after tour members, working hard to ensure they have a great time, dealing efficiently with any problems that might arise and managing all the logistics of travel to and from destinations.

He’s travelled to Bhutan with me, is highly experienced in the outdoors and has proven leadership skills. But I’ll let him tell you about himself here:

Hi, G’day, Kia Ora,

I’m Jono Meadowcroft,

I currently live and work in Wellington as a Paramedic for Wellington Free Ambulance.

I love my time in the outdoors, be it tramping in the Tararuas or climbing in the Southern Alps.

My background in the outdoors is both recreationally and also as a senior glacier guide at Franz Josef glacier and an instructor at outdoor recreation centres in the United Kingdom.

Some of the highlights from my travel so far are following a herd of elephants through Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, ice climbing on Ben Nevis in Scotland, finding my Great Uncle’s grave in Passchendaele, Belgium and travelling along the Bosporus Strait with my Mum on a local ferry in Turkey. I have also travelled to Bhutan, France, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and the United Kingdom.

I think adventure travel is a great way to see a country. I’m looking forward to combining the opportunity to learn about new cultures and meet new people while spending time in the outdoors.

I have experience in managing groups through my time guiding and instructing and know the importance of pre-planning and adapting as a tour goes along.

As well as spending time in the outdoors I volunteer as a fire fighter and work as an instructor for the New Zealand Red Cross.

Details about Jono’s Trekking in Bhutan tour which is scheduled for May 2018, will be available soon.

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